#DareToImagine: Expertise Redefined

October 8/2015


Paul Kuttner, Minister of Cultural Scholarship in the USDAC National Cabinet

I #DareToImagine local and national policymaking processes that redefine expertise. I envision a system in which students are consulted on educational policy, the unemployed on economic policy, and the incarcerated on how to improve our justice system. I imagine planning efforts that involve those most affected from the start—not to get their buy in, but because they are experts with deep knowledge of how policy actually plays out on the ground. I imagine a process that always includes collaborative arts projects that explore the effects of existing policies and imagine new ones—projects that can tap into the emotional, embodied, historical, and collective knowledge that often doesn’t make it into traditional community fora. I envision a system in which everyone has access to that power so often denied us: the power to define what counts as valid and valuable knowledge.