About the USDAC

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture** is a national action network mobilizing creativity for social justice. Organizing with artists, cultural workers, and other community members both locally and nationally, the USDAC exists to spark a grassroots, creative change movement, engaging millions in envisioning and enacting a world rooted in empathy, equity, and social imagination. Learn more: www.usdac.us

** The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is not a government agency.


From October 10-18, 2015, the people-powered U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, along with dozens of partner organizations, is dispatching “Emissaries from the Future” to create pop-up Imagination Stations in public spaces nationwide. Through a range of creative activities, Emissaries engage passersby in exercising social imagination, envisioning the world we wish to inhabit and—looking back from the future—celebrating the work we did to bring it into being. #DareToImagine texts, images, videos, and more are being uploaded to this online platform, yielding a crowd-sourced vision of the future, inspiring art, policy, and community action.

You’re invited to participate:
• Post your own visions of the Future using the hashtag #DareToImagine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Take part at an Imagination Station near you.
• Join our Partners in moving from imagination to action

Imagination is our birthright: everyone owns this power and everything created must first be imagined. But too often, we’re persuaded to believe our voices don’t count or that the future is determined by a powerful few. In these times, social imagination is a radical act, restoring personal and collective agency, shifting dominant narratives, and affirming that all of us make the future. When we have the audacity to dream in public, when we begin to unleash imagination and turn it into action, we can move the world.